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At So Bare we believe in no waste so we'd like to offer you the chance to grab a bargain whenever you can. Our seconds are candles which are not up to standard but are still however beautiful in their own way.

When you Select your style, your candle will then be hand picked from our seconds basket for you. Unfortunately due to the amount of stock we have, we are unable to take photos of every candle. 

Example of why our candles become seconds:

  • Jump Lines from Pouring
  • Airholes under their arms or boobs
  • Random marks 
  • Scents which haven't made it to our website ( Lychee/Black Tea and Black Raspberry and Vanilla)
  • Coloured body candles - Brown 
  • Unfinished Bubbles
  • Chips and or Dents
  • No wick 

If you already have statement candles and wanting something to burn this is the place to find a cheap one to do just that. We always recommend burning our seconds candles but they are still just as pretty for statement pieces if you don't mind the slightly imperfect side. 

* Please note as these candles are already heavily discounted due to the fact they are not up to our usual standard. That all our seconds candles can not be returned or refunded if you change your mind, the purchase is final.